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History of CE Software, Inc.
  1981-1990 CE Software was a private company, generally owned by the officers of the Company.
  1990-2000 CE Software was a wholly owned subsidiary of CE Software Holdings, Inc. (CESH)
  (See bottom of this page for information on CE Software Holdings shares.)
  Apr. 28, 2000 CE Software was distributed to the shareholders of CE Software Holdings, Inc. (one share for one share)
CE's ticker symbol was originally CESW.
  Feb. 28, 2003 CE did a 1-for-100 reverse stock split. The new shares were traded as CESF.
  Apr. 14, 2003 CE elected to became a non-reporting company under SEC rules.
  Apr. 1, 2004 CE finished the sale of all its business operations.
  Jan. 15, 2015 CE announced that it has discontinued considering proposals for merger candidates, and is proceeding with liquidation plans.

Register for Distribution
  Registration is NOT required for distribution. However, if you are holding your CE Software, Inc. shares in certificate (as opposed to your brokerage account), it is necessary that the Company have your current address. (We cannot send you money if we do not know where you are.)
  Registration will also put you on an e-mail list that will keep you informed of progress and important steps you need to take.
  The registration form provides a way for stock brokers, or any interested person, to get on the mailing list.

to complete the Registration form.

Stock Basis Information for Income Tax Purposes
  Shares acquired Jun. 13, 2000 as a result of the taxable distribution from CE Software Holdings, Inc. on Apr. 28, 2000.   Each such CESW share had a basis 18.7 cents until Feb. 28, 2003's reverse stock split. After that each share, now CESF, has a basis of $18.70.
  Shares acquired after Jun. 13, 2000 and prior to Feb. 28, 2003.   Each such CESW share had a basis determined by your acquisition, normally your cost. If held through the reverse stock split of Feb. 28, 2003, then your basis per share was increased by a factor of 100 for each CESF share.
  Shares acquired after Feb. 28, 2003.   Each such CESF share has a basis determined by your acquisition, normally your cost.
  You do need to consult with your tax advisor to determine how this information applies to you.

Income Tax Treatment of Any Distribution That May be Received in Liquidation
  It is anticipated that any liquidating distribution will not be paid out of E&P (earnings and profits). Therefore, it will be considered a return of capital distribution.
  A return of capital distribution is treated as a reduction of your basis. It would, therefore, be non-taxable to the extent of your basis. Any portion of the distribution in excess of your basis would be taxed as a capital gain, either long or short depending on your holding period.
  You do need to consult with your tax advisor to determine how this information applies to you.

Information on CE Software Holdings Shares
  People holding shares of CE Software Holdings, Inc. (CESH) have an interest in a company that is NOT CE Software, Inc. CE Software Holdings, Inc. was the sole owner of CE Software, Inc. until Apr. 28, 2000. At that time CE Software, Inc. was distributed to shareholders of CE Software Holdings. Such owners then owned shares in both CE Software Holdings and CE Software, Inc. These companies became separate and unrelated. It is known that CE Software Holdings changed its name to Lightning Rod Software, Inc. and traded for a while under the symbol LROD. For further information on CE Software Holdings, Inc./Lightning Rod Software, Inc. you need to consult your stock broker.

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