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  Registration is NOT required for distribution. However, if you are holding your CE Software, Inc. shares in certificate (as opposed to your brokerage account), it is necessary that the Company have your current address. (We cannot send money to you if we do not know where you are.)
  Registration will also put you on an e-mail list that will keep you informed of progress and important steps you need to take.
  The registration form also provides a way for stock brokers, or any interested person, to get on the mailing list.

Blue Star Indicates required field.
    Pick 'Shareholder' if you are the shareholder.
 Blue Star Pick 'Representative' if you are representing the shareholder.
    Pick 'Other' if you are not a shareholder, such as a stock broker.
     Certificate Number: 
    If shares held in certificate, enter certificate number.
    If multiple certificates, enter additional ones in comment area below.
    If shares held by a stock broker, leave blank.
    If both, enter certificate number and put name of stock broker below.
Stock Broker:     Enter name of stock brokerage firm. Leave blank if not applicable.
Date of Purchase: (MM/DD/YY)     Date on certificate or best guess (or leave blank).

               Name: Blue StarName of shareholder on certificate (or your name).
Company/Institution:   If part of your address.
    Mailing Address: Blue Star
Address (Continued): 
               City: Blue Star
     State/Province: Blue Star
    Zip/Postal Code: Blue Star
             E-mail: Blue Star This is how we will contact you with questions.			

  Extra certificate numbers, etc.

Please, make sure form is complete before clicking on Register.
Items marked with a are required.



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