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FOR RELEASE - Monday, July 2, 2001 at 8 a.m. Eastern Standard Time

Press Contact:
Sue Nail
CE Software, Inc.
(515) 221-1801 ext. 3025 or (605) 235-1991


CE Software Releases QuickConference® version 1.6
Secure instant messaging software for Mac and Windows Networks adds several new features helping businesses communicate more efficiently

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, July 2, 2001 - CE Software, Inc. (OTCBB Symbol: CESW), today announced the release of QuickConference 1.6, its new version of instant messaging software for Macintosh and Windows networks. Version 1.6 adds an instant reply feature, a custom "do not disturb" message, highlighted incoming messages, and an updated server compatible with InOut Tracker(tm), CE Software's electronic in/out board for both Macintosh and Windows TCP/IP Networks. QuickConference is available immediately via the CE Software web site (www.cesoft.com/shop).

"Unlike traditional instant messaging services, QuickConference is specifically designed with the business environment in mind," said John S. Kirk, President of CE Software, Inc. "We offer an affordable product that is secure, instant, efficient, and easy to install and use. It is the safe solution to office communication problems facing businesses each day."

"QuickConference is a great way to hook up your office and share instant messaging in the network," said Julius Mattsson of MacDesktop.com. "It's fast, efficient and powerful and it's easier to handle than ICQ."

QuickConference 1.6 for Macintosh and Windows networks includes several valuable features and improvements designed to make QuickConference more powerful for businesses. QuickConference 1.6 offers new features such as:

  • Reply instantly by selecting a response from a customizable list.
  • Yellow highlighting of new messages for easy recognition.
  • Select from a customizable pop-up list of "do not disturb" messages.
  • Compatible server for use with InOut Trackerô software.
  • Redesigned, easier to use interface for login and new accounts.

About QuickConference
QuickConference is secure instant messaging for both Macintosh and Windows networks. Providing instant communication to networked users of Microsoft's Windows 95 or greater, Windows NT 4.0 or greater, and Apple's Mac OS 7.6 through 9.1, QuickConference saves businesses valuable time. Unlike other instant messaging products, everyone can use QuickConference, even those without a connection to the Internet. This easy to use conferencing product features secure messaging, URL and e-mail support, a custom "do not disturb" message, server linking, custom address books, multi-user logins, instant reply, highlighted messages in yellow, compatibility with InOut Tracker and more.

Visit us at www.quickconference.com for more information and to download a free 30-day trial version.

Pricing and Availability
QuickConference may be purchased immediately directly from CE Software, Inc. and via the Internet at www.cesoft.com. QuickConference may be purchased in packs of 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 users. Upgrade pricing is $30, regardless of the number of users. Upgrades from version 1.5 are free with the purchase of InOut Tracker 1.6. Retail prices are as follows:

QuickConference 1.6
   5 User Pack $119.95
  10 User Pack $199.95
  25 User Pack $399.95
  50 User Pack $499.95
 100 User Pack $699.95

CE Software, Inc.
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