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FOR RELEASE ˝ Thursday, July 26, 2001 at 8 a.m. EDT

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CE Software Furthers Development of QuickMail - Three New Operating Systems
Business e-mail software in development for Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and Windows ME

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, July 26, 2001 - CE Software, Inc. (OTCBB Symbol: CESW), today announced the upcoming release of an OS X version of QuickMail, its easy-to-use Internet and interoffice e-mail system which includes server software for Macintosh and client software for both Windows and Macintosh. This new version of QuickMail will be carbonized for compatibility with Macintosh OS X.

"We recently regained full control of all QuickMail source code from a nonfunctional joint development partnership," said John S. Kirk, President of CE Software, Inc. "Development is well under way and includes a new version which will be formally announced very soon. The primary focus of our first development effort will be to upgrade QuickMail for Mac OS X, Windows 2000 and Windows ME so that it spans all relevant operating systems in Macintosh and Windows environments."

Developing a QuickMail carbonized for OS X allows the program to work with the latest Mac OS, while continuing to serve Mac 8.6 and Mac OS 9. Both the Macintosh and Windows versions of QuickMail are being designed to further improve ease-of-use, speed and reliability. In addition, several enhancements and minor fixes will be included to advance the productÝs capabilities. A public beta planned for later this summer will provide a cross-platform, cost-effective, feature-rich and easy to use e-mail solution for both Windows and Macintosh users.

Pricing and Availability
New copies of QuickMail Office 2.1 for Macintosh will remain available prior to the release of the new version. 5-user packs of QuickMail Office are priced at $345.95 and 10-user packs are priced at $655.95. QuickMail Pro 2.1 client software for Macintosh and Windows is $39.95 for a single user. Beginning July 26, 2001, new purchases of QuickMail 2.1 will be eligible for a free upgrade to the new version upon its release. QuickMail 2.1 for Macintosh and Windows is available direct from CE Software at (800) 523-7638 or sales@cesoft.com, software resellers nationwide, International distributors, and via the Internet at www.cesoft.com.

CE Software, Inc.
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