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CE Software Releases QuicKeys X2 for Mac OS X
QuicKeys X2 has an improved interface and multi-step recording.

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, June 16, 2003 - CE Software, Inc. (OTC Symbol: CESF), today announced the release of QuicKeys X2, an upgrade to its award winning automation utility software for Apple's Mac OS X. This new version offers a new and improved interface, the ability to record and playback shortcuts, a shortcut debugging tool, a new Clips shortcut for storing and retrieving collections of images and text, new multi-step shortcut tools, plus much more.

"This release of QuicKeys X goes beyond what the experts thought was possible with OS X. This is a major accomplishment," said John S. Kirk, President of CE Software, Inc.

"As a [classic] QuicKeys user since 2.0, and a beta tester for several of the 3.0 - 5.0 products.... X2 ROCKS! I love the shortcut debugging feature. I used to insert memos in between the steps to see when sequences would quit...this is so much better," said Brian Tombaugh, newspaper photographer.

QuicKeys X2 new features:
- Recording helps automate longer tasks for playback.
- Shortcut debugging -- a new tool for fine-tuning Multi-step Shortcuts.
- A redesigned interface for easier shortcut editing and creation.
- New Message, Wait, and Repeat shortcuts add more power to Multi-step shortcuts.
- Clips - a new shortcut which easily stores and retrieves images and text.
- New customizable Date and Time formats.
- A new Pop-Up menu shortcut selects pop-up menus by name, location or position.
- Plus many more.

Pricing & Availability
Available immediately, QuicKeys X2 is $99.95 for a single user. An upgrade from version 1.5 is $19.95 and an upgrade from version 1.0 is $34.95. A special "migration" price for registered Macintosh and Windows QuicKeys customers is $69.95. QuicKeys X2 can be purchased directly from CE Software by calling 800-523-7638 or 515-221-1801, online at www.cesoft.com/shop and through software resellers and distributors worldwide. For more information about QuicKeys X2, visit www.quickeys.com.

About QuicKeys Products
The 2001 Eddy Award winner for "Best Productivity Utility" and the recipient of a Four-Mouse rating from Macworld in June 2003, QuicKeys is a personal productivity tool designed to eliminate repetitive and cumbersome daily computing tasks. Available for Macintosh and Windows, QuicKeys dramatically reduces the time and effort spent on the computer every day by assigning a keystroke, timer, or toolbar button to perform a task. QuicKeys will perform single and multi-step tasks quickly and accurately whenever the user presses the hot key or clicks the toolbar button designated for that task--all without having to learn a complicated programming language.

CE Software, Inc.
For two decades, CE Software, Inc. has developed personal and group productivity software that save time and effort for millions of Microsoft Windows and Macintosh users. For more information: (515) 221-1801 or www.cesoft.com


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