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Available: March 1999
QuicKeys 4.0 upgrade: $35.95 SRP for registered QuicKeys users

CE Software Announces QuicKeys 4.0 for Mac OS
Latest version of industry-leading automation software to feature updated interface, Mac OS 8.5 compatibility, ten new plug-ins and performance boost

MACWORLD EXPO, San Francisco, January 5, 1999- CE Software, Inc. today announced QuicKeys 4.0, the latest upgrade to its popular automation software that saves time and boosts productivity for anyone who uses Apple's Mac OS. Scheduled to ship in March, version 4.0 adds new functionality to QuicKeys' custom toolbars, improved compatibility with Mac OS 8.5, and a dozen new time-saving features to this veteran Macintosh automation tool. A preview version of QuicKeys 4.0 will be available later this quarter.

"QuicKeys has always been a vital productivity enhancer for my work," said Dr. Mel Martinez, software developer and long-time QuicKeys user. "Version 4.0's new features -- especially drag-and-drop toolbar triggers -- will be particularly useful. And the improved, non-modal Editor should make using QuicKeys easier than ever for both new and power users."

Leading the industry in Mac OS automation for more than ten years, QuicKeys saves computer users time and effort by automating hundreds of repetitive, time-consuming tasks. QuicKeys also make short work of longer, more complicated jobs by simply recording the keystrokes and mouse-clicks involved in the task then playing them back whenever the user presses the hot key or clicks the toolbar button designated for that task.

QuicKeys 4.0 for Mac OS features the following improvements:
-- Better compatibility with Mac OS 8.5.
-- Seamless integration with contextual menus for creating QuicKeys shortcuts.
-- Revised, non-modal QuicKeys Editor interface with type-to support.
-- Enhanced custom toolbars that support drag-and-drop launching of programs and documents.
-- New QuicKeys Assistant setup wizards that make creating QuicKeys shortcuts easier than ever before.
-- Updated interface that takes full advantage of Mac OS 8.5's Appearance Manager themes and scrollbars.
-- Enhanced reliability and performance.
-- Revised printed documentation and continued complimentary telephone technical support.
-- Plus several other improvements.

In addition, version 4.0 also includes ten new time- and effort-saving shortcuts that prime QuicKeys for use with the Web, Internet E-mail and the Mac OS desktop:
-- Project Saver: a single keystroke opens all the applications and documents needed for a specific project.
-- Web Launcher: immediate access to any Web or FTP site, from any application, with the press of a key.
-- Instant E-mail: saves time by compressing and sending files via E-mail in a single step.
-- Advanced Text Tools: automatically reformats and "cleans up" text copied from the Web or E-mail.
-- Password Vault: stores passwords that are part of QuicKeys sequences in encrypted text for added security.
-- File Handler: Locks, unlocks, renames or moves a file or group of files quickly and easily.
-- File Recall: finds recent files fast, then allows the user to open or E-mail them with a single keystroke.
-- View Switcher: quickly organizes folder contents according to the user's preference.
-- Network Switcher: saves time and headaches connecting to the Internet from home or the road by allowing the user to toggle between settings for a full-time or dial-up connection.
-- CD Player: keyboard control for the computer's audio CD player.

Pricing and availability
Scheduled to ship in March, QuicKeys 4.0 for Mac OS will be available direct from CE Software at (800) 523-7638. Suggested retail price for the upgrade is $35.95 for registered users of QuicKeys 3.5 or later, $49.95 for registered users of QuicKeys 3.0.1 or earlier, and $14.95 for registered users of QuicKeys PowerPak.

New copies of QuicKeys 4.0 will also be available at a suggested retail price of $119.95 from national distributors such as Ingram Micro, from leading mail-order catalogs such as MacConnection and MacWarehouse, from software resellers nationwide, and via the Internet at

CE Software, Inc.
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