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Los Angeles Times Syndicated Columnist Larry Magid Recommends QuicKeys for Windows

West Des Moines, Iowa, March 24, 1999 -- CE Software, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of CE Software Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ SC Symbol: CESH), today announced a positive review of QuicKeys for Windows from Los Angeles Times syndicated computer columnist and radio personality Lawrence J. Magid. This latest recommendation for CE Softwareís new PC automation utility follows others from computer publications worldwide, including PC Magazine Online, PC World News, Newsweek.com and The Chicago Sun-Times.

"I'm a big fan of anything that lets me work less and accomplish more," Magid wrote in his column Monday. ". . . and, thanks to QuicKeys from CE Software, it's also possible for both Windows and Mac users to automate virtually any task."

Magid also wrote that QuicKeys "provides a very sophisticated macro program that works within the operating system and within most applications. You can create a QuicKeys macro to do about anything you can do with the keyboard or the mouse, including running programs, opening files, entering text and visiting Web sites."

Christian F. Gurney, president and CEO of CE Software, Inc., said: "Weíre thrilled that QuicKeys has found favor with someone of Mr. Magidís experience and knowledge. Computer users all over the country count on his recommendations for products that make working on the computer easier, and weíre honored that QuicKeys is among them."

About QuicKeys
QuicKeys for Windows is $49.95 and is available now direct from CE Software at (800) 523-7638, from national retail outlets, distributors, leading mail-order catalogs and via the Internet at www.quickeys.com.

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