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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Company Contact:
John S. Kirk
CE Software, Inc
(515) 221-1801 ext. 2228


"CE Software Stock is Not Worthless" States Company President

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa, January 7, 2004 - CE Software, Inc. (OTC Symbol: CESF) announces that there has been a significant mix-up on the status of the company's outstanding stock.

John S. Kirk, CE Software's President, stated that the company's former transfer agent, Wells Fargo, sent a letter to the Depository Trust Clearing Corporation ("DTC") that our stock was "worthless, null and void." This caused DTC to notify all stockbrokers to remove our stock from their customer accounts and return it to DTC for cancellation. We are working with First American Bank of Des Moines, IA, our new transfer agent, and DTC to resolve this problem. DTC informs us that both our old and our new transfer agents are cooperating and that the shares will be restored to our stockholder's brokerage accounts.

"Without any implication as to the value of our stock," John S. Kirk, President, said, "I can state that we have approximately $580,000 in cash and no long or short term debt except payables and accruals in the ordinary course of business with about 14,483 shares outstanding. We are certainly not 'worthless, null and void.'"

For more information, please contact CE Software's president, John S. Kirk at john.kirk@cesoft.com

Future shareholder communications on this matter and other matters will be available at www.cesoft.com in the Press section of our Web site.

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