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Announcement - posted on June 20, 2000.

CE Software, Inc. Stock Issued June 13, 2000

As previously announced, CE Software, Inc. was spun off from CE Software Holdings, Inc. just prior to the merger of Lightning Rod Software, Inc. into CE Software Holdings, Inc. The spin off occurred effective with the close of business on Friday, April 28 (the "Record Time"). The merger occurred shortly thereafter.

Everyone who owned CE Software Holdings, Inc. in certificate form at the Record Time should now have received their CE Software, Inc. certificates. A delay was experienced in distributing CE Software, Inc. certificates to those who held their CE Software Holdings, Inc. stock in their brokerage accounts at the Record Time. We expect these shareholders to receive their CE Software, Inc. stock within the next few days.

Consistent with earlier announcements, one share of CE Software, Inc. has been distributed for each share of CE Software Holdings, Inc. held at the Record Time.

We are hopeful that trading on the OTC Bulletin Board will begin within a week to ten days, subject to NASD approval.